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Dear customer, please read it carefully before using, and take care of the doll during using^_^

How to clean the doll? 

1.Please make the sponge or towel wet with warm water, then lightly wipe the doll skin to make it clean. 
2. If there have dust or dirt on the skin, you can use shower gel or washing powder to clean, but wipe rudely is not allowed. 
3. You can use bath powder on the skin after doll is dry, so skin will be smooth. 

How should I select the new clothes for the doll? 

Please make sure the outfit cannot fade, otherwise the doll's skin is easy to stain, and we usually suggest you buy light color. 

How should I do if there have wrinkles in the doll? 

Please use hot towel less than 60 degrees to cover the affected area for 10 minutes, it should return to the normal soon. 

What should I notice when using the doll? 

Everything has its using regulations, so we should take care of the doll when using it. 
1.There have joints in some parts of doll, so the doll can do different poses in a certain range, but avoid skin tears or joints damaged, highly difficult movements is not allowed, the hands and legs cannot open in large for a long time either. 
2. Insolation under the light or sun for a long time is not allowed, avoid the silicone gel aging. 
3. Be far away from the sharp objects, avoid damage the doll skin. 
4. The doll cannot stand with any attitude, including leaning ageist the wall for a long without any protections for the feet, avoid the skin under the feet is damaged with stress.
5: After using, please keep the doll's vagina clean and dry.
6. After using, please keep the doll nude, and make doll lay flatly in a clean and dry place.

How to use the heating rod?
1: Put the heating rod into vagina. 
2: When the heating rod into vagina, please connect USB with computer for heating for 5-6 minutes, then take out the heating rod, so you can feel the vagina warm like real girl brings to you. 
3: When you washing heating rod after using, please do not make the water into the head.

How to wash the doll’s vagina?
1. Please use cleaning tool which we send, fill in the water, then press it to swash inside of the vagina. In meanwhile, you can use soapy water as well.
2. Please use the wet towel to wipe lightly inside clearly.
3. Please make the inside of doll’s vagina dry