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We need to get this party started: What Keith Vaz told Eastern European rent boys filmed during sex sting

Release date: 2016-09-05 10:46:42

As the rent boys undressed, one asked Keith Vaz: ‘What’s your name, by the way?’

‘Jim’, replied the chairman of the Commons home affairs committee. He spelt it out: ‘J-I-M’, telling the young men he was a washing machine salesman.

But the ruse by the MP for Leicester East was pointless because at least one of the escorts already knew his true identity.


And as the married father of two casually discussed drugs, unprotected sex and money with the male escorts, their conversation was being secretly recorded.

Yesterday the Sunday Mirror published extracts from the extraordinary exchange. It casts new light on the man whose committee monitors crime, immigration and drugs policy on behalf of the nation.